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Posted: 8/19/03 by the shovel

If you are disturbed by what I have been telling you, then I want you to do something for me.  No, no, I'm not talking about writing me a scathing letter, it's something else.  Take that feeling and use it to give yourself a better understanding of the many situations where people were disturbed by what Jesus had to say.  I don't say this in a belittling way at all, for I have gained much insight by capitalizing on how I felt which caused me to realize how much I can relate to the self-righteous.  And through this, I believe you can gain a much better understanding of WHY Jesus said what He said which gives you better comprehension of WHAT He said.  After all, how did you think those Bible scholars and teachers felt when Jesus told them (in front of their pupils) that they did not understand the word at all?  How do you think Peter reacted when Paul (a "Johnny-come-lately") rebuked him in front of the whole group?

The error would be to overlook your feelings and to write me off as a confrontational heretic!  For the reality is that our feelings are indicators of what we think and believe.  So, please don't do the self-righteous, stoic thing by stuffing your feelings and justifying your position!  I know, I'm very well acquainted with the process.  And so my question to you is this:  while your head is filled with offended feelings and the desire to make yourself appear better, do you sense the undercurrent within you that you may actually be fighting against who you truly are?

the shovel
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