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 Shovel Writings
The BACKHOE : Psyhovelcology
Posted: Sep-16-03 by the shovel  << Prev Topic | Next >>

  • Friend: strongholds ... basically how do you deal with them?
  • Shovel: the gospel ... it is the only thing ... sounds ethereal ... I know ... but it is the most real thing there is.
  • Friend: what does 'ethereal' mean?
  • Shovel: from the word, ether, gas, vapor, not real, oooooh! ghostly ... hahahaha :)  But it is the reality ... it has everything to do with everything in our life ... that is by the gospel, my friend ... nothing else touches that realm
  • Friend: what about taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ?
  • Shovel: consider it thru
  • Friend: yes, I realize that in the war, we fight 'from' victory and not 'for' victory
  • Shovel: how could ANY thought be taken CAPTIVE? ... and then consider it says, EVERY thought
  • Friend: only Christ by controlling our minds can do this job ... I want Him to do so!!!
  • Shovel: yes ... it is as we go thru our stuff we are walking by faith ... that means having your eyes on something that sounds stupid, foolish to our logical mind
  • Friend: I know that in Romans 6 that we are to continually reckon ourselves to be dead to sin and alive to God, (resting in what is true)
  • Shovel: yes ... doesn't that sound ethereal
  • Friend: many legalist believe that this is a 'work' to make it true and that is of course a lie from hell
  • Shovel: you got it right
  • Friend: we have literally died with Christ
  • Shovel: consider Abraham ... God told him he would have a son by Sarai
  • Friend: yes
  • Shovel: make sense? ... to him? ... to her?
  • Friend: no way, it didn't
  • Shovel: consider the appearances
  • Friend: nothing but a miracle
  • Friend: yes
  • Shovel: consider what they must have thought for ALL THOSE LONG YEARS. "God must have meant for us to do something, Abe!!!" ... "Yeah, what do you propose?" ... "I mean, we're gonna die soon .... and maybe we didn't do 'the right thing'"
  • Friend: so reality is miracluous because of our union with Christ, the 'Life-giving Spirit'
  • Shovel: yes ... appearances demanded for them to do something about the promise
  • Friend: a miracle is a MIRACLE not, never of us
  • Shovel: anything they did would have been "the wrong thing".  Remember what Paul said about the promise, in relation to Abraham in Galatians?
  • Friend: ok, faith is the 'condition' necessary to receive from God ... faith is a 'gift' ... grace ... by the power of the Holy Spirit, a 'gift' :)
  • Shovel: the hope of righteousness? ... how does it come according to Galatians? ... by faith we _____
  • Friend: believe
  • Shovel: wait
  • Friend: ok
  • Shovel: same concept, but in direct relation to Abraham and Sarah and the promise
  • Friend: the fruit of faith is waiting on God
  • Shovel: how many years did they have to wait and wonder if that invisible would become reality? ... how many doubts? ... how many prayer sessions? ... If anything "spiritual" ... anything "godly" is to come about ... it doesn't come by what we do.  By faith we WAIT for the hope of righteousness
  • Friend: my faith, I believe is weak right now ... is it 'biblical' to ask God to strengthen our faith???
  • Shovel: well .... there are things said ... to be strengthened in the inner man ... but you know what?
  • Friend: ?
  • Shovel: read Ephesians 1:15+ ... esp. verses 17, 18, 19 and 20!
  • Friend: 'the Spirit of Knowledge and Rev. of Him'
  • Shovel: what is the greatness of His power toward us?
  • Friend: His Resurrection power
  • Shovel: yes ... do you realize what that means?
  • Friend: Jesus IS The Resurrection and The Life
  • Shovel: yes ... but more than that ....
  • Friend: we ARE complete , now , in Him
  • Shovel: yes ... what is the power that is working in YOU right now?
  • Friend: the power that raised Christ from the dead
  • Shovel: the same power that raised Jesus from the dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... it is working in you ... RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!
  • Friend: about walking in faith and believe ... what is the difference between being strong in our weaknesses, brokenness, and the being strenghtened in our inner man?
  • Shovel: do you find yourself considering that faith is something you do? ... Paul spoke of a direct correlation between the two
  • Friend: not sure, probably consider the 'fruit of faith' to be active
  • Shovel: but it comes from where?
  • Friend: from resting in Christ and His finished work
  • Shovel: yes ... but it doesn't come from us, even then
  • Friend: faith comes by hearing the word of God.......is a gift
  • Shovel: but it IS working thru us ... it is in knowing the SOURCE ... we use all kinds of words ... Biblical .... spiritual ....
  • Friend: everthing good comes from the PERSON of Christ
  • Shovel: but we can deceive ourselves into thinking that we do the work from our OLD source ... who I am in Christ ... is CHRIST IN ME
  • Friend: a non-biblical faith puts one under the curse of the Law
  • Shovel: a "biblical" faith does the same
  • Friend: ?
  • Shovel: what do we mean by "biblical" most of the time?  The letter!
  • Friend: I am refering to grace-gift generated faith
  • Shovel: I know that you are but watch how quickly your focus shifts
  • Friend: if 'faith' is Christ living in me, then He does the work! :)
  • Shovel: yes
  • Friend: freeing
  • Shovel: when you think in terms of "biblical" remember the Pharisees had "scriptural" faith
  • Friend: yes, I had an 'encounter' with a "KJV only" yesterday!
  • Shovel: true faith is faith .... without a Bible verse attached to it.  I love the written word ... so don't think I'm belittling it in any way
  • Friend: Christ is the embodiment of all that is good and needed for godliness
  • Shovel: yes
  • Friend: anything added, ANYTHING, is to reject the grace and rest that we have in Christ
  • Shovel: remember how these same words we see as "spiritual" ... are also viewed in a fleshly way ... it is not in getting the quote ... or term .. down correctly ... something either IS or it IS NOT ... truth is truth
  • Friend: Christianity is not about Christ , it IS Christ
  • Shovel: yes
  • Friend: He is the only One who can live the Christian life
  • Shovel: most of the time we end up JUSTIFYING our identity in Christ by words ... nothing wrong with the words, but we are trying to defend OURSELVES
  • Friend: bankruptcy
  • Shovel: because we have bought into it, and we need to make sure that others don't discredit what we consider reality.  We say that our faith goes up and down, but it is our FEELINGS based on appearances.  God does such a gracious thing in our lives ... He takes away even our confidence in the words that are written and in the promises and then He still says BELIEVE and we discover something we still do ... we cannot do otherwise
  • Friend: that is what is going on with me now
  • Shovel: yes ... it is a wonderful thing ... but it doesn't FEEL that way
  • Friend: sure doesn't
  • Shovel: consider the prophets ... consider Moses ... consider Abraham ... consider Jesus ... They were just like us as they walked thru this world.  God stripped them of every confidence and then He sent them out!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeremiah had said, "I will not speak any more of Him".  But then he discovered that the word was like a fire in his bones.  Paul ... he came to see more than all, but God caused him to doubt every thing that he considered to be his life to the point that he found NO CONFIDENCE in the flesh.  but that had been ... HIS WHOLE WORLD  And how was he considered? ... by the religious? ... by the Pharisees? ... by those influenced by the Law? ... how had the Corinthians come to view him for a while?
  • Friend: I know too that as Paul had shared that he had NO confidence in the flesh .... that he was inspired by The Holy Spirit so this was literally true
  • Shovel: But how does the Church (with a capital C) think of him now?
  • Friend: clearly he was a Piller
  • Shovel: but does the Church really see him as he was? ... a pillar? ... the religious institution, that is?
  • Friend: I don't know those people are all screwed up
  • Shovel: doesn't the Church cast off those who are like Paul?
  • Friend: yes, clearly so
  • Shovel: do they really honor him? ... do they really honor Jesus, then?
  • Friend: you have to have good speaking, singing, people skills
  • Shovel: yeah
  • Friend: no, they worship their 'image' of Jesus
  • Shovel: and your doctrine can't be like Paul's
  • Friend: not in Spirit and in Truth
  • Shovel: too radical ... don't you know what was said about Paul?
  • Friend: in modern days?
  • Shovel: when he was around?
  • Friend: I know that in he was in a battle ground with those who questioned his authority
  • Shovel: yep
  • Friend: as an Apostle
  • Shovel: and what about his message?
  • Friend: foolishness
  • Shovel: because that is why they questioned his authority. ... and ... anything else?
  • Friend: the power of God for those who believe
  • Shovel: look in Romans 3 up to v.9
  • Friend: checking ... ok, they were charging him with false claims
  • Shovel: what exactly?
  • Friend: that they should do evil that good should result
  • Shovel: yeah ... sound familiar? ... sound like the religious view of grace?
  • Friend: yes, the legalist accuses those who are in grace of living like the devil
  • Shovel: yep ... has been that way since then.  "THEY" are the moral ones ... "WE" don't care
  • Friend: I am sorry, I gotta go to work.  Jesus is our Justification!
  • Shovel: yes
  • Friend: God bless, Jim, hope you have a good day in the Lord

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    The BACKHOE : Psyhovelcology
    Re: Faith

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