10 Sep 2013

Listen to the Law! (Don't get under law)

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The following article is a short excerpt from chapter 4 of Galatians 98 in the Shovelation section, which deals with Paul’s argument to the Galatians: “Tell me, you who want to be under law, do you not listen to the law?” This is a question we might want to ask ourselves when someone is luring you with persuasive argument.

Those impostors who were wooing the Galatians were being dishonest. They pretended to care. They said they were concerned about improving relationships with Christ, but they only wanted to increase their own little kingdom. Their formula was simple: entice them … shut them out … make them beg to get in! I have no problem with the sincere love that seeks another’s good, but that is often not the case. Open your eyes, there are impostors desiring to get you in their group. Just notice how they are doing what they are doing … it should be quite obvious!

Okay, maybe you’re considering some formula to make you more spiritual. That’s what the Galatians were doing. They figured if circumcision was the thing they were missing then why not do it? They were desiring a system of performance to live by, but they had no idea what that system really was. Do you? Do you know the significance in the fact that Abraham had TWO sons? Listen, there is a difference between a son of Abraham by the natural means and a son by the miraculous!

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Another good sermonette!

" entice them … shut them out … make them beg to get in!" That's exactly how they work...make you feel like they have "special truth and works" and make you beg to join them - exactly what happened to me when I joined a works oriented church many years ago. The formulae hasn't changed! And they much prefer those few who they recognise as brainwashed rather than the many they reject who question their dogma even a bit! (another part of the formulae)



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Thanks for this encouragement, my dear friend! :) It’s always good to hear from you.


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