18 Feb 2007

Placating an Angry God?

Submitted by theshovel
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The religious mind of man has indeed perceived God after its own imagination so as to picture him as an angry supreme being who needs to be placated. The sin-payments found in the animal sacrifices of the Law were only revealed to be totally inadequate in any real forgiveness of sin. However, Christ did not die in order to cause the darkened mind of man to somehow be shaken out of its perverse imaginations, but he died to put it to death. In doing so, HE became our life by his spirit in us. The mind of man cannot understand the things of God (including this amazing sacrificial love), for it is only in having the mind of Christ that we understand.


In reading this, I can not help but be reminded of the movie Apocalypto we watched recently. Talk about the extreme madness and insanity of the religious mind! Mass human tortures and sacrifices to appease whatever ‘god’ was thought to need appeased! yyyikes and yowzers, Batman! What wonderful news of Christ for those facing the blade for sacrifice! The majority of them were being sacrificed against their will. I suppose there were some insane enough to think they could appease ‘god’ by willingly sacrificing themselves, but … What wonderful news that Christ made Himself the Sacrifice and it is finished, done, complete … What wonderful news that GOD IS SATISFIED! Need that little bouncy emoticon right here.  : )

Jim, Yes indeed, the sin-payments in animal sacrifices in the OT were totally adequate to deal with man’s sin. But why do you think that God commanded them to do so, rather than provide the perfect eternal sacrifice in Christ way back then?
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Hello Tim, First, based upon the wording of your question I’m assuming you meant to refer to the animal sacrifices as INadequate. To understand the working of the law is to understand the operating principles of the world. They are the same. There is much revealed in having moved those of God from infancy under the Law into adulthood in Christ. God is working all things according to Christ, for he will sum up all things in him. Part of doing this is to have brought in the Law so that he could do away with a multitude of sins stimulated by Law. The law kills, and that is a necessary part of the multifaceted grace God has been bringing about. Jim

”..There is much revealed in having moved those of God from infancy under the Law into adulthood in Christ..”-Jim Yes this does answer that nagging question from the natural mind that taunts us…why the law to begin with? The “ministry” of the law, is a ministry after all. Adam

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