9 Dec 2004

Good News Greetings!

Submitted by theshovel
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Good news greetings to one and all!

Did you know that God holds nothing against you? No sins, no errors in judgment, no condemnation. Nothing! Oh, I know many of you have a variety of lists - mental or written - by which you carefully maneuver (or possibly bulldoze) your way around this life hoping to lessen the impact of impending doom. Undoubtedly, the most condemning lists come from the Bible itself, despite the overwhelming testimony contained in its varied entries declaring those lists as having been nailed to the cross of Christ. Sheesh, he's been over the condemnation of humanity for nigh unto 2 millenium!! Don't you think it's past time to burn those silly lists that justify a projection of your own demands of judgment upon God?

Those of you who have visited the web site in the past 3 months are probably aware why I haven't been sending anything out lately since I posted a few things about it there, but for those who just figured I must have died or something I will explain. Now just the words "south Florida" might be enough information since I think the whole world knows about our historic hurricane season.
[sp][sp][sp][sp][sp]Yep, my house got some hurricane damage! On top of that I work at Home Depot, which means that I have been in a whirlwind since the very first hurricane scare! The part of my house that suffered the most was my bedroom/computer room. At this present time it is still not finished, but I have been working on it - inside and out - ever since. We did get some insurance money and as I do my own work I am spreading it out as far as I can fixing and improving everything along the way.
[sp][sp][sp][sp][sp]All of this means that I will be spending minimal time on the computer for the next few months. However, I may find that I can send out a little something like this from time to time.

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Posted: Dec-10-04 by Ray

Thanks for this Jim Hope the repairs etc go smoothly.

Posted: Jan-27-05 by guest

How's the work going, Jim?


Posted: Jan-27-05 by the shovel

Hi Tim, thanks for asking. The work is moving along at a moderately steady pace. I'll be done with the computer/bedroom very shortly. Today I'll be moving the wall-to-wall computer desk back where it belongs and will finish installing the vinyl composition tile flooring (I've had the tile in the attic for many years now). Things in this room are looking fantastic. I built a wall-to-wall unit above the computer station, complete with large speakers. I've had the speakers around for many years as well, as we used them in the band back in the 80's. I also installed 2 brand new single-hung double-paned windows (very good insulation properties).

From here I'll be installing 2 more windows, one in each of my daughter's bedrooms. Then I hope more shingles will available (national shortages) so I can finish that up while it's still cool. Then I'll replace the damaged facia along the backside of the house. Then kitchen cabinets, then family room ceiling and one wall, then .... Whew!! It keeps going. :)

Love, Jim

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