11 Feb 2014

Sin-free 2: Looking at the Requirement

Submitted by theshovel
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Living in view of requirements, progressive sanctification, producing fruit, and not caring. How are we to live in view of it all?

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jim and adam this is an AMAZING audio. you two are a shining light in my world, every monday, proclaiming the awesome news of Christ!!!!!!! in the past, i used to embarrass myself by ""witnessing"" to others, when all the while inside, i didn't feel like it or i felt i HAD to witness. what kind of witnessing is that? being FORCED to do so? everything about the ""born again"" world and mindset is FAKE, phony, and is a sham.

yeah the funny thing is Justin is that you already ARE a witness of Christ. Acting like through grace  comes by way of knowing what is already written in stone. The pressure is off the flesh and on God who works through our everyday lives while we are housed in the body of sin.


That's the way I see it.



It is wonderful to know He does the work and it is all about Him and His plan.

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I guess what I’m saying is that while it is a good thing to realize that you cannot make his life happen, you don’t have to be afraid of planning or scheduling or getting together …. because he is the one who works through all things. source