24 Sep 2013

No Strings Attached

Submitted by theshovel
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Why does unconditional love so often seem to come with strings attached? Does this thinking come from God or from the world?

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incredible audio!!!
 i'm also, at least i think i am, starting to see how God's Law is not bad, the PREACHING of it is. because when man preaches these standards to another, he finds nothing but LACK in the other.. kinda like, “Thou shalt not commit adultery” the commandment for mankind to be faithful is GOOD and JUST, yet when someone PREACHES IT all he can see is sexual depravity in another and the world around him.


Adam you wrote on the ‘shack, “the Law works until it trashes & trashes every attempt at perfection” - i just had to mention that because that quote is AWESOME. man’s supposed-keeping of, and preaching of, the law does the EXACT opposite of its intention.

Thanks so much for your encouragement brother!


Ya know, His heart, Father God's heart, is so HUGE. It's impossible to grasp this heart of love, unless you, yourself have been found to be in need of it. I mean, that you see your insufficiency, your inability to manufacture righteousness in your own self. Once seeing that, it is so much easier to really see his love for man. In the midst of the 'sins' of the 'failings' of man, HE is FULL of patience, constantly 'wooing' and drawing the heart back to him! There is NOTHING of long-term LOVE that the human flesh can manufacture of itself. This Love is from above!

So wonderfully encouraging, so full of Life guys was the second half of the audio for me, my heart is moved to grateful for the continued grace and love through you both. My heart rejoices in your fellowship!

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