10 Jan 2012

The Miraculous Significance of Tongues

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This week’s Shovel Audio — The Miraculous Significance of Tongues — is a follow-up to last week’s program. No matter what background you come from, I think you may be surprised and encouraged by what you’ll hear. There is also an article of the same name that you might be interested in as well.

ShovelAudio: The Miraculous Significance of Tongues

(Audio Series: Tongues)

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Really enjoyed this shovelaudio Adam & Jim-it was very revealing. I liked having something to read in addition. Actually thanks for all the time you put into all the audios-enjoy them all!! I was visiting a group (quit awhile back now) that taught that tongues were a sign that we were baptized with the Holy Spirit and I was told to keep begging God for the gift because I was lacking something. I never got the gift so I left the group so not to be constantly reminded I was lacking. It was so wonderful when I was freed from that and realized He has given me everything I need-His LIFE thus lack nothing. From you article I love this statement: “You see, the Jews were presented with a basic conflict on that day of Pentecost which ripped through their every perception of God, of life and of their own uniqueness in the world!” You could also say this is what the truth of Christ as our LIFE is doing now.
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Thanks for such heartfelt encouragement! What a freedom to know that you are lacking NOTHING!


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