8 Oct 2012

Got Milk?

Submitted by theshovel
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The religious institution would have you believe that too much grace and leniency will cause you to be dull of hearing and essentially turn you into a baby Christian who needs to be bottle-fed with milk. In this audio, Adam and I explore Hebrews 5 and what’s really behind this misused Biblical passage by which preachers and teachers make you dependent upon them and the system they support. Come, give a listen to some real freedom!

ShovelAudio: Got Milk?

(Audio Series: Hebrews)

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Thanks guys really enjoyed this. I kept thinking of this kid I knew from my bus driving days. I drove a school bus for 19 years and in the process got to view many kids as they grew up. Some I would know as children and see them years later as adults. I remember this one kid who was a most awful child beat up others kids and very rude to adults. I kinda of took to him any way seeing him years later he was quite different and he asked me. Man how did you put up with us? I said easy I use to be a kid to even though at the time all you could see was another adult spoiling what you thought was your party. My little grand daughter want to be big she’believes then she can do what ever she wants to. Most of these kids act out what they think is adult behavior which they most likely learned from their parents who never really grew up. Not to say they didn’t get big they got big and still acted like children problem is this usually produces convicts. As Jim alluded to in the Swawshank Redemption Any way in the end what this guy found out is you don’t have to work at growing up given time it is something that just happens. And so should it be with us even though we all come down the same road. So many condemn the practices of the churches they left and at the some time they condemn though who practice them never thinking they also were once there. In the end all will see it was and is the grace of God that brought us through and not all our working. Just as this young men found for all his striving to get some where the place where he arrived was one of responsibility there is a lot more to be an adult then just big. And there is a lot more to being a grown up in Christ then knowing Bible verses. In fact it is possible to be grown up in Christ having never read the Bible. Oh brother I can’t believe you said that. Well I did and it is true. This really is about Christ and not about us. That is if now Christ is our life. Any way I enjoyed what you two had to share. Thanks
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My brother, I also thank you for posting what has been stirred up from listening to the audio!!

Jim big smile

Dave, thanks so much for sharing your heart brother.



Thanks both of you and forgive me me my grammar and typing skills. It would seem there are some things that only come with practice . It probably would have helped more if I would have practiced these things as a child. I guess I like so many was trying to prove I was already grown. Like gee duh! What do you think?
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Anything from you, brother, is all good! :)


Hey I got something else to add just something to think about. Hebrews 5:14 But solid food is for the mature who because of practice have their senses trained to discern both good and evil. Genesis 2:17 But from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat for in the day that you eat from it you will surely die. 3:22 Then The Lord said the man has become like one of us knowing good and evil I always thought this little pile of scripture taken together was a very interesting insight into what God was and is doing in Christ. This brings up many things for us all to think about. Could it be from the very start God really did have a plan and things are all working out for the good of those who believe ? Is it just possible that the devil is not the master mind behind the so called fall of man and God really is in control and has been all along? Heaven forbid but maybe just maybe God really is almighty God and not someone barley in charge.

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