7 Jul 2013


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Colossians is an amazing letter in which Paul established Jesus Christ as the one and only one by whom salvation has been made. On the one hand, many believers will rejoice in the wonderful testimonies regarding the miraculous reality of grace in Christ, especially in how it relates to his unique qualifications that allowed him to harmonize everything in himself to the glory of his father. On the other hand, because religious Christian teaching has either ignored or perhaps misunderstood the dynamic contrasts Paul made between the truth of the gospel as clearly laid out by himself and the substitute message of those who were desperately trying to lead the believers astray, many verses in this letter have been used to bring his amazing salvation into question. It is the tension between these two “gospels” that must be recognized in order to clearly see how everything Paul wrote in Colossians was put there to highlight the absolute certainty of the salvation that has been brought about in Jesus Christ.

The challenge for me in presenting a contextually honest and cohesive rendering of Paul’s letter to the Colossians revolves heavily around the passage in Colossians 1:23-2:8. For many, Colossians 1:23 is one of the most frightful verses that seem to indicate that our salvation hangs upon our ability to continue in the faith. However, the IF refers not to something in us but rather in the message that Paul had preached to them. The Colossians were caught between two messages: that of Paul and that of the deceivers who had infiltrated. We don’t tie it together because we’ve been taught to ignore what Paul said about those men later in the letter. But the Colossians would have known exactly what Paul was suggesting. And while this one verse has caused so much doubt among so many Christians regarding salvation, it actually indicates the deceptive mentality of the religious mind that keeps us from recognizing that it is merely the beginning of Paul’s whole point to the Colossian believers. It is this same fleshly minded reasoning that makes many people think Paul was an egotistic bully who set himself up as the one and only source of truth for the Christian religion. I’m telling you, the religious mind just doesn’t get it. Everything Paul wrote was done in such a way as to showcase one, and only one man, the Lord Jesus Christ, our true and undisputed deliverer.

I found the first chapter of my Colossians Shovelation written on a napkin, which reminded me that I had penned it while eating lunch at the Boynton Diner near where I work (I usually eat there once a week and have their breakfast special because I’m scheduled for lunch at 10 am). I remember having tucked it away in the summer of 2004 when we boxed everything up in preparation for the hurricane that was heading our way, which by the way did hit us and cause much damage to the room where it was. Anyhow, it’s way past time for me to get this input.

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Excellent and helpful set up my good brother.   Adam

Great insight, Jim. Just wonderful! Those "if or conditional" type verses sends makes my mind wrestling. I hope you continue this with Colossians, as you have time of course.
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Thanks for the encouragement to continue. And yes, I have already made numerous changes and updates and will be continuing on Colossians. I'm also going to be adding in many of my considerations regarding why I word things as I have. :) Jim

This is becoming my favorite book in the bible. its extremely eye-opening and powerful. i think i may do my own personal little translation of the chapters some time, cuz there's an array of insight into the person of God and who we are in Him. since i'm acquainted with and have studied occult, medieval jewish, and kaballistic texts, reading this chapter not only in the Shovelation but also in the Amplified Bible allows me to see the fulfillment of a great deal of things i've taken interest in outside of christ, and piece together various parts, or truths, that i've seen within multiple (religious/spiritual, what have you) writings. for example, when we read Paul's proclamation of how all things were made in Him, through Him, and FOR Him, this truth answers a great deal of jewish texts which all imply that God created the world out of chaos and disorder. now we know, in the Spirit, that God created the world to show the glory of Christ....in us, in it's creation. The world was created for US in Him. And not the previously-held to pattern of thought that implies that the creation is an uncontrollable and evil disaster that needs fixed, that's best to be avoided. it also alludes to the fact that the world-to-come is here already, fulfilled or rather, being lived out, by those who are alive in christ RIGHT NOW. in other words, my conclusion is that those who are connected-to-God in the Lord are the MEANING -- THE DEFINITION -- of creation. we in Christ are the reason that God created the heavens and the earth, the unification of Ein Soph (infinite nothingness) with its finite creation. The unending "Heaven" is here and it's being lived out by us. We live in the "happily-EVER-AFTER." Wow that's a lot to take in... sorry if my writing is all over the place, just woke up from a nap not too long ago.
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Justin, this is so cool! I love what you are seeing here, and how you are recognizing that the summing up of all things in Christ is even now being fulfilled in US! Thanks for posting, and I want to hear back from you as you continue on this project. :) Jim

I really enjoyed it too Justin!!   Adam

Thanks guys. I've written some, for chapter one, but I'm going to go back and add a couple things.I'm not sure if it will make so much sense to you, as I'm unsure if you're familiar with kaballistic concepts. But the gist of what's being said here is that NOTHINGNESS and SOMETHINGNESS have united eternally, giving way to DEFINITION, if that makes sense. in other words the merging of infinite nothingness and finite somethingness create DEFINITION of REALITY. Section 1: Paul and Timothy, messengers of the Moshiac (Ein Sof uniting with Ayin) by the will of the most High: To the Saints who dwell in Colossae: Grace to you and peace from Ayin. We continually give thanks to [the deepest aspect of] God [Ayin, who brought forth out of nothingness] our LORD Y'shua haMoshiac as we think of you, for we have heard of your magnificent faith [absolute trust and knowledge] in the Lord Moshiac, and the love you have and show for all of God's consecrated ones, because of the powerful knowledge of what is being shown to you all, of your infinite and boundless eternal existence. This wonderful revelation, which is the Truth of the Good News, you have heard and, indeed, within the whole of the sephirot this Good News is expanding [within the Saints], just as it has done and is doing within yourselves. You came to know this Reality clearly and thoroughly, becoming intimately acquainted with it. Epaphras, who ministered this revelation to you, has informed Timothy and myself of your love in the Shekhinah. For this reason, we also, from the day we heard from Epaphras, have not stopped thinking about you all, asking that you may be filled with even deeper understanding and discernment, that you may walk in the manner of your true Selves [in Moshiac].  Ayin, through Ein Sof, has willed our deliverance from the finite world of darkness and has transferred us into the kingdom of Eternity, in Whom we have our redemption through the incarnate Ein Sof's blood, the doing away of our emptiness and futility. Ein Sof is the EXACT representation of the infinite, the visible representation of the invisible, the finite image of that which never ends. Ein Sof is the FIRSTBORN of ALL CREATION, of ALL EXISTENCE. For it was in Him that every single thing were created, in Him and FOR Him. And He Himself existed before all things and in Him all things exist and are held together. He is also Head of His Body, seeing as He is the Beginning, the Firstborn from nothingness and the grave, and in every respect must be preeminent. For it has pleased the infinite nothingness of Ayin that all divine fullness be achieved and dwell in Ein Sof eternally. And Ayin pleased that He should become SOMETHING ETERNALLY [infinite somethingness] by means of the blood on the Cross. In other words, you Saints are the very definition of that somethingness, as you live out the life of unity between Ayin and Ein Sof. This we teach and proclaim.

Taken from the book "the Chicken Qabalah:" The first kind of Nothing is called Ain. 3 This Nothing is really nothing-not even the concept of no-thing Now, if Ain just sat around nowhere doing nothing It.s a sure bet that nothing was going to get done. However, something happened to make Ain actually become Nothing (maybe bec~use it was Nothing all along and just had to wake up to the fact). This new, defined Nothing the Qabalists call Limitless Nothing, or Ain Soph. The third kind of Nothing is a hybr,id A.in Soph c~lled Ain Soph Aur, Limitless Light. I vie,,:, It as.the light bulb that goes off in the vastness of Ain Soph when It realizes the perfect Notness of its Nothingness! Nothing is Not! This double negative IS tantamount to saying "Something is!" and sets the stage for the first Positive in the universe-the concept of One. In other words, all existence started with Christ's work on the cross. That is the creation. Remember, there is no such thing as time, space, matter; all that is darkness. The first chapter of Genesis alludes to it almost verbatim. Everything outside of this didn't actually happen although we swear we think it did. Dunno if anyone can wrap their heads around that one! LOL. But I hope it intrigues you.

Jim, sorry if I took over your forum on Colossians with my translation and subsequent post. LOL, I know sometimes I can go real deep without realizing it!
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No problem, bro! :)

Justin, I hope that I am not out of line here, but you post such good comments and see the depth in so much.  But I  know from your other posts that you struggle greatly to experience the freedom that we have in Christ, could it be that your mind is too cluttered with all that confusing stuff you are reading.  Christ is simple, not confusing, knowing Him and the freedom and life He gives to us doesn't require "depth" in the way that you are going.  I don't see depth, I see nonsense disguised as "depth".  This is coming from one who is old enough to your mother, probably your grandmother :), and I have been around quite a bit of "depth" that is not depth. So take it from your sister in Christ, leave that other stuff alone and find your true depth in the simplicity of Christ and Him only.  Love and hugs, Charlotte

Hey Char! :) I have stayed away from the other stuff for quite some time, as my mind became occupied by those things, confused even. But recently reading Colossians cleared a lot of past things up for me and I was able to bring the pieces together. You see, I think in terms of symbols/symbology, and that's really confusing to a great deal of other people. I went on an occult-kick years and years ago and I guess that remained. But you're absolutely right, cuz to focus on the WHAT'S and HOW'S and dissecting everything will blind oneself from seeing the reality of LIFE before them. But just know that I found a message of reality & an awesome testament to Christ in the complicated mess that I wrote LOL :). I'll try to keep my comments more direct and less complicated from now on :D.

Justin, thanks for responding so quickly.  I am so glad to hear that reading Colossians has cleared up many of the confusing things of the past for you.  There is nothing like Scripture for doing that.  There were a couple of things that jumped out at me in your response.   You said that you think in terms of symbols and symbology and that confuses other people, I think it confuses you too.  Christ never spoke to us in symbols and symbology, sometimes in parables, but He always explained what He meant to his disciples and to us, He was never unclear.  Religion, law, and pseudo-religion always are deceptive and confusing.  You also said you went on an occult-kick and that it has remained with you, don't you know that along with this new life we have been given also comes a renewed mind, the very mind of Christ?  So where is the reality in saying that it still remains with you?   The old is gone and the new has come.  Our life is now one of simplicity, rest, and dependence on Christ who is Life in us. Keep looking at the One who is simplicity, and loves you beyond measure. Hugs,  Char

Amen, you're right! It's about time I snap out of complicated thought-patterns that sidetrack me and just find my rest and peace in Christ. Thank you :D

Hello Justin!   Hey it is really good to have you back here at the Shack. I have thought of you from time to time and it is good to see you pluggin along as we are here and in our respective lives as well. Jim and I have always been amazed at the grace of God that has given you wisdom, a wisdom many of us don't get to see in someone so young in years.   Brother I want to encourage you, you have often made connections in the place or things you are involved with that bring forth such excitement and pure joy in you. You are a bright light, a shinning star and a jewel of faith and all by His doing. I see Him strengthening you as you[we] go through all these things just as he strengthens your brothers and sisters. Right were we are at.   Stand firm my brother, and keep sharing and growing in the grace of God!   Love, Adam

thanks Luvin I appreciate it, as, I'm always called "stupid and slow" by friends LOL. again I want to apologize---or not apologize, but acknowledge how my posts came across last night. I was already familiar with kaballistic terminology so it was kinda personally eye opening when I wrote my chapter paraphrase, whereas it looked REALLY CONFUSING & even RABBINICAL to others. sometimes I go way deep into word-meaning and stuff, as i'm really into etymology and Judaism's always been an interest to me since I was young. i remember one guy years ago on the Shack wrote an incredible agricultural-based translation of Scripture, and I just ate it up. Just know everyone that I wasn't trying to come off as some big-shot intellectual pharisee. But Char was right in that I should cease to focus on words and instead focus on the freeing life around and within me. Christ isn't complicated a single bit. :)

Hi Justin, After reading your comments, I  just wanted to pop back in and say that you are NEITHER  slow or stupid as you put it.  Very much the opposite!!  God has given you a quick intellect that understands the Truth.  Do you know that when I first started reading comments and posts on the shovel site, yours really caught my attention.  You have a way of understanding and presenting clearly what God has shown you.  I have several pages of notes that I copied from your postings, in fact when you decided to leave, I was so disappointed and even responded back to you with something that I had copied that you had written that I thought might encourage you.  I am so glad you are back and enjoy corresponding with you and sure look forward to hearing more from you.  I know God has some marvelous things in store for you as He does for all of us His kids!!  :). You are God's special blessing to us all.... Hugs,  Char

Wow thanks Char!!!!

Justin, my heart is lifted once again to be made aware of the wonder of our Father as He works Himself in His children. Only He could have so quickly brought you to see and accept the truth of what He was making known to you through Charlotte....and all in such love that we his body have for one another through Him. I eco what Charlotte just posted and I'm excited for all of us as He makes himself known to us, both in our individual experiences, and in how He uses His body for each other. Know that you are loved........Julie

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