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THE GRACE LIFE - Family relationships

How to relate to my kids without sounding dogmatic? << prev | next >>
Posted: 9/14/03

<<< Should I just keep grounding my young ones in the Word and tell them the truth, that I believe that anyone who adds to Christ's finished work is lost or what? Do I try to shield them from visiting other kid's churches when I don't believe in their churches way of salvation? I don't want to sound dogmatic on what I believe about salvation but I am, other people are dogmatic the way they believe and argue just to argue even though they really don't understand the Bible, just what their denomination feeds them. >>>

Herein lies the trap. You and I find ourselves put into this position of "playing the game". I mean by this, the "doctrinal" or "dogmatic" or "schism" game. Realize that you are pulled OUTSIDE of all this in Christ. As a matter of fact, so are all those who are in Christ, but they THINK they have to play it just like you and I have played it.

Consider what it means to "add to Christ's finished work". I say THEY do it, and they say I do it ... and then we set out to "rightly divide the word" with one another to prove how MY beliefs are more "in line" than yours. MY problem is that I do, in fact, spend most of my day "adding to Christ's finished work" by trying to justify myself in so many different ways. But unfortunately, when we think about standing for the truth we separate the real stuff of our lives from our "beliefs" .. and seek to determine it based upon the realm of the arguable.

So, am I lost because I try to justify myself during my day? Are you? Are their religious friends? I have found that many who fought hard against the grace of Christ were believers that had to stuggle through their own complications. I have also found that some who talk it real well have no idea as to the life that they "doctrinally" hold to. We are saved, not because of a "belief", but through FAITH. Huge difference. "Beliefs" are often nothing more than glorified opinions ... something that can be held to as if the holding to it is what matters. But it is CHRIST who has saved us. It is a reality that we have received in Him. One is either dead or alive.

How can you best serve your children? Be real. Don't separate reality from "truth" in their minds. Witness life to them. Share the good news of Christ that puts everything in ONE basket and judges it as DEATH and then declares the freedom of real life in HIM. "Shielding" your children will only cause harm. The fact is that your children are struggling to figure out the world around them just as you and I have. They seek to show themselves right just like you and I have. What if they were to discover that "religion" - yours and mine and even theirs - has no answers?

Brother, avoid the game. Tell your children about the real you. You know, the one that is alive in Christ because of what HE has done, but one who also struggles every day with the same kind of things they struggle with. Your children want to know if they are worthwhile, if they are important, if they are loved, and how they can be right. If you level with them about your own futile attempts to justify yourself through your day then they may be able to see that others, even religious others, are trying to do the same thing. They will really see truth when they realize that that is exactly what they are desperately searching for in the world around them. When it ceases to be a mystery then they won't be enticed to go chasing after any system of man for their worth. Show them CHRIST vs. EVERYTHING ELSE!! :)

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