25 Oct 2009

Self-pity and communication

Submitted by theshovel
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Can true communication come in the presense of self pity? I never found that when engaging with a person that this would "allow" any real Life flow between two people? anonymous

My dear friend,

I have also found this same lack of true communication in the face of such self-interest. Never forget, though, that God often works through such blockage, as if taking advantage of the contrast created. This has been the case in my life in more than a few situations. The real Life flow may be taking place right under our noses, despite the fact that we just can't feel or sense it at any given time. Consider your own present situation, and then ask yourself if your own true communication with the one who is the life in what you are now seeing might not have something to do with the apparent lack of communication with the one you are hoping to communicate with. You may not have any idea as to how all this is affecting her ... even in the face of her recent demands.


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