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SHOVEL-AUDIO: Original music collections from Jim Minker

I offer numerous recordings of the songs I've written and performed from the 1970's to the late 1990's. These music files are now presented in both Lo-Fi AND Hi-Fi so that those with dial-up connections can listen online. The Lo-Fi option is accessed through the embedded Windows player by clicking the button, while the Hi-Fi option (for those with DSL or cable) plays by clicking the song title link just above the player console. All users may also download any Hi-Fi music file to your own computer and play it back later on a Windows Media Player (instructions below).

On the audio control panel below the title link is the bold white heading that says, "WELCOME TO SHOVEL-AUDIO!" If you click it, the WindowsMedia Player will pop up and automatically play the intro message. Alternately, you can click the bottom-left button (the one with the recognized play arrow icon on it) and you will hear the exact same message (both these files are the same quality). Try it.




When you do a right-click on the song title link you'll get a pop up menu that says something like "save file as" (that's Window's Explorer) or "save target as" or "save target link as" (which is Netscape). Just click that link and you get a box asking where you want to save it. For music files, the best place to put them is in the "My Music" folder. You can even add your own personalized folders inside another folder by right clicking inside the folder and selecting "New" and then choosing "folder". Then you can name it whatever you want. If you can't figure any of this out, don't concern yourself too much because the Windows Media Player knows how to find Windows Media files on your computer.

I hope you enjoy these songs I have made available to you on the site, and as always, I would love to hear back from you!

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