26 Jan 1998

Hand Me a Shovel!

Submitted by theshovel
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Hand Me a Shovel, it's Getting Pretty Deep in Here!

Have you ever been between that proverbial rock and a hard place? I was 23. Very naive. For some, that's a present reality; for the rest of us, it's just a memory! The boss' wife ... the other boss ... was on another one of her long-winded rolls. I was on the clock; I was being paid, but it was still barely tolerable. She was always the hero, the smart one, the center of attention in the true life stories she told. She was the one who saved the day. Just to listen to her go on and on and on and ... but one dared not interrupt!

We were not alone. A fellow-employee, a guy about 2 years my junior, had popped his head in the back door of the shop. He was on my left, she on my right. He had waited for a while, but then backed out. Lucky guy! As long as she had somebody ... me ... listening she would keep going until a customer would enter the store ... and it was not a busy time of the year! Next thing I know, my buddy reappears at the door with a shovel in his hand! Catch this: he gets my attention and says, "You may need this, it's getting pretty deep in here!"

I looked back and forth a couple times, not sure what to make of the whole thing (I told you I was naive!). But even I couldn't miss the daggers coming out of her eyes! Talk about tension!!!!!That rope was twisting and fraying. As the reality of the situation began to hit me I entered more and more into that realm where you find yourself wishing you could just disappear! Do you know what I'm saying? You can't laugh ... or even crack a smile ... unless you desire to put your job in jeopardy! But do you just walk away? Maybe. But I didn't. My feet were frozen to the floor! Geez! I think I got frost bite on the right side of my face from being too close!

The situation has passed ... but that shovel is still with me! You know why? Because when others are content to play the game and ignore all the BS that's flying around ... that shovel keeps popping up!At first, I saw it as something needed to scoop up the stuff others were dishing out. But as time went by, it became increasingly obvious that I really needed to shovel up my own! Then if I had any energy left over I could assist some other poor soul!

You know what else? The shovel is the best handbook on religion I have ever found! Yesiree, Bob! If we were to take up shovels instead of swords we may be very surprised what would be left by time all the scooping was done! We may even be able to see more clearly! Now, of course, I don't mean your religion!! No, no, no! It's always the other guy's religion that causes all the problems! We all know that!

I won't say how many years have passed, but there have been enough to accumulate quite a few of my own stories. Stories from my early childhood to raising my own children. From dogs and carpets, to things I stepped in or read on the bathroom wall - from my life to life in general. There may even be a story in here about YOU! And if you decide to read any of them, you may find how much we really do have in common. All I can say is to have a shovel handy!

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