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Some wonderful friends, Bill Lincoln, Valerie Akers, and Angie Turner, have turned some of the writings on the Shovel web site into Portable Document Files (PDF) for easy download and printing!  I have zipped them up for a quick and easy download (BTW, Zip files can be scanned for viruses).  You will need to "unzip", or un-compress, the files with a Zip tool (Windows ME and XP both have a compression tool included and there are many free ones available, including a trial version of WinZip).  By the way, if you don't know how to do this you can write and ask.  :)  You will also need Adobe's FREE Acrobat Reader in order to view and print these files.

JUST A SPOONFUL - Short bits of potent truth boiled down to a bottom line!

SHADOW SERIES - From the currently ongoing Shoveletter series.

FINDING THE WILL OF GOD? - a Shoveletter series challenging a universal trend.

HEAVEN & ETERNITY - a Shoveletter series digging into the realm beyond!

GIVING - Shoveletter series starting with the tithe

THE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST - From the Shoveletter series.

GALATIANS '98 - The letter of Galatians presented as if re-written by Paul for today's culture (from Shovelation)

To The Church of America - (Shovelation, JAMES) - The letter of James re-written to the institutional "Christian Church" of America.

Various Shoveletters - "Fear & Trembling", "Christian Answer Man", etc.

Various Shoveletters 2 - "Worthless Faith", "Overlooking the Obvious", "Obsession", "Blessed Confusion", etc.

Various Shoveletters 3 - "Grace of an A", "The Shadow of Hope", "Man-centered Gospel", "The Real Stuff", etc.

SHOVEL TALES - "Hand Me a Shovel it's Getting Pretty Deep in Here!"

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