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21 Apr 2016

Christ and him crucified

Submitted by theshovel

Paul claimed to know nothing among the believers except Christ and him crucified. Was he referring to a crucifix? If not, did he imply that Christians should always keep the events of his death at the forefront of their minds so as to curb their sinful desires? I’m thinking that many avoid this suggestion because of the weight of guilt it brings. But the true meaning has nothing to do with bringing a focus upon his death, but rather a demand as to the true nature of his life.

13 Apr 2016


Submitted by theshovel

Despite evidence to the contrary, we are blessed beyond all measure, for our true life is not bound to this world!

10 Apr 2016

God With Skin On

Submitted by theshovel

If you’re like me, dealing with an invisible God often leaves me wondering where He is, especially as I sit in the chair I’m now confined to. Why doesn’t He come and visit me? Why does He seem to have left me on my own as I struggle with this damned affliction that renders my body almost useless?

2 Apr 2016

Bondage of the Mind

Submitted by theshovel

In Christ, we have been set free from the bondage of the mind that is ever seeking but never finding, the mind that thrives on the thrill of discovering what others don’t know. In Christ, we have not been delivered into a new hierarchy with the better levels kept hidden from others; rather, in Him, we have all been set free so that we might know that which is hidden from the mind that despises such equality.

24 Mar 2016

Judging the Real

Submitted by theshovel

Something real happened to us who believe, and yet we often fail to recognize its miraculous presence because of where we're expecting to find it. Simply put, we're examining ourselves instead of the reality of God's life within us. When we get tricked into examining ourselves or each other for proofs of this life, we only end up forcing the miraculous to measure up to some kind of comparative standard based upon observable fleshly relativities. Jesus himself ended up on the bottom of that measuring stick. That's right, he was judged by this world, especially by those who sat in the judgment seat of Moses, as a man forsaken and damned by God and man.

18 Mar 2016

The B-I-B-L-E

Submitted by theshovel

Whatever God had actually spoken to individuals in times past - whether recorded or not - ultimately testified of Christ, who is the EVERYTHING of God. Somehow, though, our Christian perspective on those collected written words forces them to serve as our textbook or owner's manual or as some call it: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

6 Mar 2016


Submitted by theshovel

We’ve been given the mind of Christ, and yet we too often insist on listening with the ears of logic.

1 Mar 2016

Safe to be Real

Submitted by theshovel

What if it turned out that the real us is NOT the old us because the old us was put to death in Christ? And what if it turned out that the real us is the life that was raised in Christ? Do you think maybe then it would be safe to be real?

24 Feb 2016

Who are you listening to?

Submitted by theshovel

We do not belong to this world anymore, for we are of the one who has created a new world. In Christ, we died to the elemental principles by his death, and now we live only in him. Do not let the rationale of the elemental teach us how to understand our life In the new creation.


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Let me get very blunt. What kind of gospel leaves you in the unknown regarding the very premise of the actual good news of Christ, which is full confidence in one’s relationship to God through Christ? What kind of gospel causes you to think it’s all about what you do or don’t do, when the good news declares that it’s not about you at all but all about Christ and what he has done and is now doing? source

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